About The Two Tour Pledge

The Two Tour Pledge
Share your commitment to antiracist school integration . . .

As a parent who supports the premise that all children learning together is fundamental to the creation of a true multiracial democracy, with the knowledge that the choices I make for my child affect all children, and with the belief that, in making decisions for my child’s education, I am also building the world they will live in as an adult, 

I pledge to join the Integrated Schools movement and commit to…
  • stepping inside at least two global-majority schools that do not concentrate privilege relative to the district
  • learning more about inequities in the systems of education in my community both past and present
  • begin building authentic relationships with people of color in my community and with other parents committed to integration
  • an ongoing process of self-reflection and learning to know better and do better

Enter your name, city, and email below to indicate your commitment.

After you sign the pledge, we will send you key materials and connect you to the Integrated Schools community. 

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