About IS DENVER - How We Show Up Workshop


Workshop Details

Please join us for an IN PERSON workshop! 

When: Sunday, September 11th; 9a-1:30p; includes lunch

Where: Regis University / 3333 Regis Blvd. / Denver, CO 80221

Cost: $75 suggested donation to help cover costs (facilitators’ travel, food, etc.).

We do not want cost to be a barrier, please pay what you can, and if you can pay more we appreciate it!

The Integrated Schools “How We Show Up” Workshop

  • Have you made a decision to have your child attend an integrated school, one where the demographics of the school match the demographics of the district? 

  • Is your child in a school where they are in the racial minority?  

  • Are you wondering how you personally can help create a more integrated and equitable school system? 

Join Integrated Schools - Denver chapter members, friends, and members from chapters across the country for a workshop on how White and privileged caregivers can show up differently in our schools to interrupt the ways White privilege pervades our school system, and to support anti-racist school integration.  

What can you expect to explore: 

  • What is anti-racist school integration and why is it important? 

  • What are the ways that Whiteness and White supremacy show up in our schools and how can we liberate ourselves?

  • Why is our impact more important than intent? How do we better understand and change our impacts? 

This workshop is for parents who are ready (or are readying themselves) to be agents of integration and educational justice in their communities.  While desegregating our own children is an important step toward educational equity, how we show up  -- how we integrate our families – is critical. How can integrating parents (and, in particular, White and/or privileged parents) translate good intentions into positive impact? How can we move toward being antiracist members of a school community? 


Drawing from relevant research and experiences of integrating parents in communities around the country, this workshop highlights grounding principles and common pitfalls alongside frameworks for how to approach integrating without colonizing. 

Want to get a head start? Check-out our webinar and other resources here..