August 07, 2022

Your Facilitators

Andrew Lefkowits is a White dad from Denver. His kids attend the same integrating elementary school he attended. He also hosts the Integrated Schools Podcast.

Bridget Gernander grew up in Minneapolis going to an integrated elementary school before her parents White flighted to the suburbs. Bridget formed a local chapter of Integrated Schools in 2017 to have parent-to-parent conversations about how to live your values through the school choices you make.

Kim Gomez lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and their four kids. Moving their oldest from a majority White, heavily-resourced school to a nearby global majority school was “one of the best decisions of our entire life.” She has the distinction of leading a workshop like this with IS founder, Courtney Everts Mykytyn.

Susan co-chairs the Pasadena IS chapter of Integrated Schools.Her young adult daughters attended both privilege-concentrating and integrating schools. She works with a grassroots group that encourages parents to connect with local

(district) schools and engage in ways that embrace equity.

Why So Many White People?

Integrated Schools was founded in 2015 by Courtney Everts Mykytyn, as a group of mostly White parents. Informed by researchers and thought leaders of color, we encourage “White and/or privileged” families to enroll our children in schools where they are not in the majority, with the understanding that when we arrive, our impact matters more than our intent.

White parents continue to be the key barrier to redressing the imbalance of racial and educational power in our systems of education. As Nikole Hannah-Jones has said, “we have a system where White people control the outcomes, and the outcome that most Americans want is segregation.” White people have been the architects of systems that maintain racial hierarchy everywhere in our country, and especially in schools. White parents have consistently fought against policies that would put our children in schools with Black and Brown children. We have largely avoided enrolling our children in these schools, treated diversity primarily as a commodity for the benefit of our own children, and enrolled in global majority schools with the assumption that they are broken and need White parents to fix them.

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